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What’s The Buzz # 1962

With the theme of the meeting being the Olympic Games, it made sense that the word of the day was excellent – and that’s exactly what this meeting was.  Our toastmaster, David Golan, gave us a great history of the competition.  While bringing up the classic names like Jesse Owens, and the new names like Michael Phelps, he reminded us that we are all looking for the birth of new legends. There w...
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What’s the Buzz # 1961

Our meeting on Wednesday, August the 10th provided all of us with some much needed perspective. The theme of the day was “The Interconnectedness of all Things,” and through his witty remarks, our Toastmaster, Chris OBrien, showed us just how random – and yet connected – all things are. The word of the day was Luminous, and the meeting proved to be just that.  Our Table Topics Master, Mary Lynn ...
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What’s The Buzz # 1960

The one thousand, nine hundred and sixtieth meeting of Black Walnut Toastmasters was green lights all the way.  Our illustrious Toastmaster, Distinguished Toastmaster Bud Brown, set our eyes on the past – looking to 1926, when on August 3rd traffic lights were installed at Piccadilly Circus in London.  It was the start of a well-coordinated meeting . Melanie Thomas led a riotous table topics se...
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I Didn’t Want To Be A Leader

By Division W Governor Bud Brown DTM I'm not a leader by choice. I feel I make a much better second in command. I like to be the one behind the scenes who lines everything up and hands the primed tool to the leader who can take all the glory (and the deal with the people in the cheap-seats taking pot-shots). When I joined Toastmasters, it wasn't because they had a leadership building path. It wa...
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Your Article Here

That's right, Black Walnut Toastmasters is accepting submissions for articles for this site. You only have to be a member in good standing (i.e. you've paid your dues) to be eligible to have your article published right here on this site.  Pick a topic and write.  Submissions should be between 300 and 600 words, although exceptions can be made.  If you want to write something but are unsure of ...
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Featured Role – Timekeeper

Every Toastmasters' meeting has an agenda which is the map the club uses to navigate through the meeting.  And the Timekeeper is the Navigator.  All participants rely on the Timekeeper to make sure that they stay within their time limits so that everybody gets to participate. The Timekeeper achieves this by use of subtle (and occasionally, not-so-subtle) signals to the speaker.  Using the agend...
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