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Whats the Buzz # 1938

Desire, The Beginning Of All Achievement

Our Toastmaster this week was Andrew who began the meeting with an impassioned encouragement to understand that to change your outcome, you need to change your thinking.

This week we had only one speech but it was just as well because for once, we had a business meeting in our meeting and that gobbled up the time that would have been used by any two speeches.

We had three guests this week including Cliff from the Energetics’ club.

Grammarian Gudmunder gave us the word of the day: zealous.

Our Toastmaster, Andrew flipped the meeting around because our one speaker was going to have to leave the meeting early.  Our speaker was the prolific Tayne who delivered a speech that was supposed to have been researched (Competent Communicator # 7) but he claimed it had not been and asked us to accept it anyway.  He proceeded to give us three tips on success in business that (I feel) reflected research he has done over time and so he did present a researched speech.

Andrew temporarily turned the meeting over to our General Evaluator, Melanie, to introduce Tayne’s evaluator Jacqueline for feedback on the speech. Jacquie identified how Tayne’s use of voice and gestures supported his message and pointed out what Tayne had acknowledged, that there was a lack of research which limited how well she could evaluate his use of that skill.

Melanie then turned the meeting back to Andrew who led the business portion of the meeting.  Today we revisited the motion that we tabled two weeks back to, “Raise our club’s monthly fee rate from $10 to $12 per month”.  Bud Brown moved an amendment to the original motion to add the phrase, “effective September 12, 2016”. The amendment was seconded, debated and passed.  Janice pointed out that even at today’s rate of exchange, the $2 increase might not achieve the goal of covering our costs.  Bud confirmed that at an exchange rate of 72¢ CAN (today’s exchange rate is 72.63¢)  for every US dollar, the rate increase of $1.50 US would amount to $2.08 and proceeded to make a motion to amend the original motion to an increase for the rate to $13 per month.  The amendment was seconded and passed.  After that we had several people join the debate with comments both in favour of the motion and opposing it and finally the motion carried which means that on September 1, 2016 our rate for each month a member belongs to Black Walnut Toastmasters will become $13.  a six-month renewal will therefore be $78.00.  All in all, it was a great example of how Roberts rules make a meeting more focussed.

The next motion was to add Jose Hernandez to our membership.  That motion passed unanimously. Welcome to the world of Toastmasters Jose!

Our Table Topics Master Matt had each member giving a 30-second summary of what advice they would give to their 10-year-old self.  The consensus among the members was that Jose gave his 10-year-old self the best advice.   Jose began his Toastmaster experience winning the Wise Owl award for the best Table Topic.

Andrew returned the meeting to Melanie who introduced Table Topics Evaluator Bud and then evaluated the meeting.

Our Grammarian’s report revealed that we had not been that zealous in using the word of the day (it was only used 3 times)

Our Ah Counter, Janice, did not hear an overly egregious use of filler words.

It was a very productive meeting that our guests said they enjoyed.