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Whats the Buzz # 1939


The weather Channel may have perpetrated a fraud upon us by their “winter storm warning” that was actually just informing us of an average snowfall of a mere 12 cm.  The result was attendance of only 13 members but didn’t deter two guests from joining the meeting.

Our theme today was Decisions and our Toastmaster, Wayne inspired us to make the decision to forge ahead with plans and dreams.

Having so motivated us, he proceeded to introduce our two guests, Chris Brown, president of the Energetics club and Jorden Gillespie who planned to complete the paperwork to join the club today.

Then Wayne introduced our Grammarian Bud who gave us the word of the day, Resolve.

Then Veli served as our Topicsmaster and asked us to reminisce about a time we thanked God for our time in Toastmasters.  8 of us stepped up to the challenge with inspiring stories and then feedback on how well we did and how we can improve was offered by Table Topics evaluator Matt, then we voted that the best example of a resolve to achieve self improvement was by our President Chris.

Announcements covered a spectrum of upcoming events including the trivia challenge that some of us have committed to at the Whale and Ale Pub, This Friday’s Area contests taking place at Agfa Health care centre, the fact that dues for the next 6 months are now due and the upcoming open house for our Kitchener French Toastmaster club, Les Toastmasters Voluble where the guest speaker will be CTVs Diane Vernielle.

We entered the prepared speech portion of the meeting with an icebreaker by our newest Member Jose Hernandez who joined the club only a week ago.  Jose spoke about his origins in Venezuela, his decision to come to Canada and the challenges of adapting to his new country.  Then we were enthralled by a story of an attack of a wooly mammoth that was thwarted by magic arrows from Chris OBrien who spoke from the Story Telling manual.

The Silver Tongue Award for the speaker who best met the objectives of their project was our new member Jose.

Sean led a terrific team to provide feedback to our members on things we did well and areas where we can improve.  Bud gave Jose insights on how his work without notes opened the door for him to step beside the lecture and encouraged him to have it removed altogether.  He pointed out some of the lessons that the Competent Communicator manual not only will provide Jose with skills that he is looking for but also provides evaluators the tools to give constructive feedback to Jose and other people working through it.

Fraser gave Chris insights into how to take his excellent body language and vocal variety to the next level.

Grammarian Bud, shared that we had used the word of the day Resolve 5 times and observed nice turns of phrase like, “In ages gone by”, “Poignant” and the properly pronounced “Superfluous”

Ah Counter Sarah told us that we actually fared very well in our avoidance of the use of filler words like ‘uh”, “ah”, “so”, and “like”. Although he was only delegated to the role in the final minutes of the meeting, our quizmaster still managed to provide two memory-testing questions.

It was a full and entertaining meeting and you would think we would have been done for the day BUT NO!

At 8:00pm, some of our members (Chris, Sean, Bud, Georgina, Sarah and several guests) teamed up to come in third in a Trivia Challenge at the Whale and Ale Pub on Victoria Street.  We had a lot of fun mental challenges and great social time.  Go Black Walnuts!  and special thanks to Georgina for organizing this event!  We had 4 guests plus a Toastmaster from another club join us to pool our trivia knowledge for this competition. Good Times!