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What’s The Buzz # 1941


We started today’s meeting with Toastmaster Matt getting insights on the Most Valuable Points that people have experienced from their association with Toastmasters from members present like Wayne who uses the skills he has learned in workshops and Sarah who took part in an Open House style meeting where members of the health group where she has her business spoke about their various disciplines.

We welcomed back Christine Lanesmith who has had other demands on her time over the past several months but decided that she would like to join us today.  Christine immediately stepped up to be our Grammarian and gave us the word of the day “Enthuse” which, she later told us,  we used enthusiastically at least seven times during the meeting.

Our Table Topic today was provided by Wayne who had all of us write our names down on slips of paper then passed around a bag with those names asking us to tell the club how the person whose name we had drawn had contributed to our Toastmaster experience.  This made for an interesting Table Topics Evaluation by Melanie but she pulled it off giving almost everyone Glow, grow and glow points for their words.

After our guest, Jordan who was serving as timer, gave the OK, Matt called a 1 minute break after which we heard our prepared speeches.

Josh spoke about his take on MVP which stood for Most Vital Priority.  Josh was working from project # 8 of the Competent Communicator manual:  Working With Visual Aids.  Josh gave a masterful demonstration of the effective use of  the use of Power Point with graphics, images  and few words that clearly illustrated his points. He also used a flip chart and handouts.

Gudmunder gave us a great example of the instructive insights he is so good at in his speech The Choice Is Yours.  He was working from Competent Communicator project #5 Vocal Variety and he spoke to us about choosing not to fear.

Then one of the shining examples of the Toastmasters standard, Georgina Green received the gavel from Matt as she began the Evaluation portion of the meeting.  David Explained how Josh used his visual aides well and suggested that he could have had a prop to take an excellent speech up to the next level.  Then Andrew admired the way that Gudmunder spoke clearly and cogently about the topic of fear and suggested ways that he could have paused or even lowered his voice at some points.

Our Grammarian Christine shared some of the better uses of language that she had heard, Bud, who was our Ah Counter, applauded the great lack of Ums and Ahs in today’s meeting but mentioned that we still need to keep in mind the large number of filler words (and, so, and so, then, I mean and like)  that we use to create run-on sentences.  He mentioned that it takes this kind of stretch in our club for the Ah-Conter to offer ways to improve.

Then Jordan who was acting as our timer gave his report.  Whereupon, Bud made a motion that we accept Jordan as the newest member of our club.  The vote was unanimous in Jordan’s favour.

And so ended the 1941st meeting of the Black Walnut Toastmasters Club