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Whats the Buzz # 1942

Problems: Obstacles? or Challenges?

This week, our Toastmaster, Veli decided that the problem of people who had planned on coming to the meeting, missing it for whatever reason, was an opportunity to learn and grow.  She asked us if we thought of problems as obstacles or challenges (opportunities).  She told us about a time when she had been at risk of missing a train because she had slept in.  In the end, she got to the train station just in time as the train was leaving the station and successfully completed her journey.  Veli pointed out that her lesson in this experience was that you should always try to overcome the challenge of a problem because you might succeed.

She then called up our Grammarian for the day, Bud who gave us the word of the day, conundrum which is a puzzle or difficult to understand problem.  Bud quoted a poem by Ogden Nash which used the word conundrum. 

Our Table Topics Master Chris offered us 10 different problems that we hear of people facing and encouraged us to answer those problems with the formula “feel, felt, found”: I know how you feel, I felt the same way myself, let me tell you what I found.

The best use of that formula was by Dave Petro who was awarded the Wise Owl Award.  Then the Table Topics Evaluator, Georgina gave us feedback on various strengths that we brought to our feel, felt, fund answers and various ways we could have improved.

In our announcements we were reminded that it is renewal time and that we can give our (for this renewal) $60 fee to Beata Labocha but since she was not available at this meeting, to Bud Brown.

Then we were encouraged to sign up for speeches, reminded to sign up to compete in next week’s Tall Tales Contest then plan on attending next week’s Division Contests at the Theatre On The Grand in Fergus  where we can cheer on our own President, Chris OBrien in the International Speech Contest.

After a break, David Golan used a Power Point presentation and a flow chart style map to walk us through a visit that he and his friends made to Machu Pichu in Peru as he completed project 8, Using Visual Aids from the Competent Communicator Manual. His speech was titled Live Your Dream and he certainly did.

Matt led off the Evaluation portion of the meeting by introducing Gudmunder to evaluate David’s speech. Gudmunder gave us his usual erudite analysis of David’s application of the skills from this project complete with useful insights on how David could improve on what he had presented.

Following that, Matt asked for reports from our Grammarian, Bud who pointed out that the only thing longer than some of our run-on sentences is one of Matt’s reports;  Ah-counter Fraser who made up a report on the spot when it was pointed out that he had that role and Jose, our Timer shared who what we all know, that being the Timer means you don’t get to really experience the meeting.

Then Matt gave us some glowing praise of our various roles together with suggestions for improvement before turning the Gavel back to Veli who encouraged us to turn our problems into challenges to overcome and wished us a good week.

We hope you will be a part of our Tall Tales Contest next week.  It is our 500th time.  Ok 400th.  Fine it is our 8th but who is counting?