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Whats The Buzz # 1943 Tall Tales

A Tale of Black WalnutsIMG_20160330_081610_edit

The 2016 Black Walnut Tall Tales Competition took place this week with four of our biggest liars presenting histories that hardly happened.

As is customary in our club, last year’s winner, Heather Landells was tapped to be the Chair of this year’s competition.  Heather acknowledged that she had plenty of help from our Assistant to the VP Education, David Golan and the rest of the team.  Never the less, she was the one who got to stand at the front of the room and strut her stuff.

First to compete was our Past President Matt DiMarco who presented the case for ghosts in Laurel House.  If it wasn’t some kind of poltergeist he described then I don’t know how else to put it.

Bud Brown told us a story of skinny dipping with friends in an icy (literally) mountain stream with one of those friends encased in ice like a human popsicle.

Next Our President Chris OBrien regaled us with a tale of chicken slaughter at the hands of a crazed smokin hot truck driving uncle.

Finally Wayne Kuhn shared an experience flying in a defective plane and parachuting down to a precarious landing on a hydro tower.

IMG_20160330_081539What is totally unbelievable is that our club comes up with so many tall tales year after year. This is our ninth competition since the event was inaugurated as the entertainment at the club’s 30th anniversary in 2008.

The judges decision came back and the second place winner was Chris with the top honours going to Wayne Khun.  Wayne is shown in this picture examining the hardware as he compared himself to past winners.

After that there was a sad announcement.  Long term member (and winner of a number of competitions herself) Distinguished Toastmaster Georgina Green has decided to hang up her gavel in favour of preparation for a walk on the Camino Portugues  in Portugal.  We held an impromptu and untimed table topics as people around the room shared their memories of Georgina and gratitude for her stalwart support of the club over the years.  Today is the second to last day to renew membership and Georgina will not be renewing so it is also her last “official” meeting as a Black Walnut Toastmaster.  We look forward to her visiting often as a guest.

Since there were no guests to ask for feedback, Contest Chair Heather summed up the meeting and wished us a creative and exaggerated day.