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What’s The Buzz # 1956

Since my term as Vice President of Public Relations is coming to an end the day after tomorrow, this will be my last entry for What’s The Buzz (I have missed about 11 weeks anyway) Hopefully our incoming VP of PR will have many volunteers from our club offering to write three of these blogs in order to get credit toward their CL as an “Assistant to the Webmaster” in project 6 of the Competent Leader Manual.

What a terrific Meeting!

Our Toastmaster, our longest term member Distinguished Toastmaster Wayne Kuhn set the meeting theme as “Change”.  He did not mean change for change’s sake but rather, looking at things the way they are and asking “Why are they that way?”

Our Topics Master Melanie Thomas who is also the Assistant to our incoming VP Education and in charge of encouraging members to bring and use their Competent Leader manuals at all meetings,  passed an envelope with quotes about change and we spoke about the quote either defending it or disagreeing. Mary Lynn MacPherson did the best job of speaking on her quote.

There were several announcements regarding our incoming executives’ plans for achieving some ambitious goals this year (as incoming President, I have to say I LOVE my team!) and one announcement from our current President Chris OBrien that once again, we have gotten 10 out of 10 possible DCP points to be named a President’s Distinguished Club


We had three great speeches today:  Sandy Moore illustrated a variety of aspects for Project 5 of the Competent Communicator Manual – You Body Speaks.

David Golan did his first presentation from the Technical Presentations manual as he explained the different elements of the duties of a Toastmasters Club’s executive.

Sarah Connors did project # 7 from the Competent Communicator Manual – Research Your Topic using that medium to explain why some sunblock products may actually be worse for you that no sunblock at all.

It was a tough choice which of these would be thought by our speakers to have done the best job in achieving the objectives of their speech project.  In the end it was deemed that Sandy deserved the Silver Tongue award.

We had three excellent evaluations among which was one by Rizwan Younis who provided David Golan with a substantial measure of positive aspects to his speech spiced with just enough suggestions for ways to improve it that our General Evaluator Matt DiMarco felt deserved the Rock award for best evaluation.

This was a wonderful conclusion to our Toastmaster year. May the next year be as good or, if possible even better.