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What’s The Buzz # 1960

The one thousand, nine hundred and sixtieth meeting of Black Walnut Toastmasters was green lights all the way.  Our illustrious Toastmaster, Distinguished Toastmaster Bud Brown, set our eyes on the past – looking to 1926, when on August 3rd traffic lights were installed at Piccadilly Circus in London.  It was the start of a well-coordinated meeting .

Melanie Thomas led a riotous table topics session, asking each participant to explain why a certain type of transportation was the best.  While members waxed poetic on the benefits of the car, the plane, and the recreational vehicle, Fraser Drysdale won everyone over with his romantic description of traveling by rail.

Our toastmaster, Bud Brown, talked about what it would take to achieve distinguished club status again this year. With his usual charm and enthusiasm, he encouraged and inspired everyone to be on their game – he waved the flag, started the race, and gave us the green light to get going. David Golan, our Sergeant at Arms, announced the two upcoming contests and called for participants.  The humorous speech contest and the table topics contest are both coming up in September, and we will need not just participants, but timers, counters, and judges as well.

We had two informative speeches today.  Sarah Connors continued her educational speaking with project #8 from the Competent Communicator Manual – get comfortable with visual aids. Her speech, “Using Bug Repellent Properly” gave us all more information on protecting ourselves.  Chris OBrien, presenting project #7 from the Successful Club Series – The Value of Mentoring.  With the analogy of “Iron Sharpens Iron,” Chris showed the benefits of both being mentored and being a mentor.

David Golan stepped in and provided Sarah an insightful evaluation on her use of slides to convey her point, and Sean Browne discussed Chris’s ability to make a speech his own and let his personality shine through.

The meeting was a great success.


This week’s What’s The Buzz was written by Taylor Surman.  It is not her fault that this post is going up rather late.