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What’s the Buzz # 1961

Our meeting on Wednesday, August the 10th provided all of us with some much needed perspective. The theme of the day was “The Interconnectedness of all Things,” and through his witty remarks, our Toastmaster, Chris OBrien, showed us just how random – and yet connected – all things are.

The word of the day was Luminous, and the meeting proved to be just that.  Our Table Topics Master, Mary Lynn McPherson, presented us with a chance to use our off-the-cuff skills in a real-world way – to practice our answers to job interview questions.  In what may be a club record, three guests stood up during table topics and spoke eloquently about the topic at hand. One of our guests, Jeff, who we hope to see as a member soon, won the blue ribbon for explaining his love of Soccer.

Two speeches were presented today. The first was Gudmunder Johannesson, who completed project number 8 in his Competent Communicator Manual – Get Comfortable with Visual Aids.  He presented a well-timed and humorous speech on “You are what you eat.”  After his speech, Jessica Brown touched our heartstrings with her speech “Sing it All Away” which she presented for project number 2 in the Competent Communicator Manual – Organize Your Speech.  It was a difficult decision for the club to make, and Toastmaster OBrien was shocked at the near tie we had in votes for the winner. In the end, Gudmunder walked away with the best speaker ribbon for the week.

Jessica didn’t go home empty handed of course.  Matthew Di Marco gave her excellent feedback on the composition of her speech, and how to enhance an already excellent performance.  David Golan evaluated Gudmunder’s speech, giving feedback on project number eight for the second week in a row. Both evaluators were succinct and luminous, praising the hard work of the speakers, and providing excellent grow points – which were difficult to find in those two excellent speeches.

This week’s meeting turned out to be luminous and insightful, and shows a great trend of excellence at Black Walnut.


This week’s What’s The Buzz was written by Taylor Surman.  It is not her fault that this post is going up rather late.