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What’s The Buzz # 1962

With the theme of the meeting being the Olympic Games, it made sense that the word of the day was excellent – and that’s exactly what this meeting was.  Our toastmaster, David Golan, gave us a great history of the competition.  While bringing up the classic names like Jesse Owens, and the new names like Michael Phelps, he reminded us that we are all looking for the birth of new legends.

There was a special ceremony at the beginning of the meeting to induct our new members into the toastmasters family.  Melanie Thomas, Brian Kim, Jes Brown, Jeff Collins, Jordan Gillespie, Taylor Brown, and Taylor Surman recited the Toastmasters Promise and were sworn in to a round of applause.

Since we only had one speaker on the agenda, table topics was not at all impacted by the time it took to swear in our new members.  David Petro asked everyone to use gestures to convince us that their assigned sport should be allowed into the Olympics in 2020.  Although there were some solid arguments for cannon-ball diving, lawn bowling, and parachuting, Wayne Kuhn had us all convinced that skateboarding should be an Olympic sport.  Heather Landells provided each competitor with detailed feedback on their off-the-cuff speaking skills, and won the rock award for her insights.

Bud Brown reminded us all that the contest season was fast approaching, and Taylor Surman called for contestants, judges, and timers for the Table Topics contest happening on September 21st.

Chris OBrien brought some drama to the meeting with his project from the Interpretive Reading manual.  He gave life to Professor McGonnigal and Albus Dumbledore while reading the first chapter of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. Taylor Surman provided Chris with positive and encouraging feedback – it was difficult to find a grow point I am sure!

Our General Evaluator, Matthew Di Marco, opened a debate about the value athletes pose to their home country, and whether Usain Bolt or Michal Phelps was worth more to their country.

All in all, the meeting fully lived up to the word of the day – Excellence.


This week’s What’s The Buzz was written by Taylor Surman.  It is not her fault that this post is going up rather late.