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Your Article Here

typingThat’s right, Black Walnut Toastmasters is accepting submissions for articles for this site.

You only have to be a member in good standing (i.e. you’ve paid your dues) to be eligible to have your article published right here on this site.  Pick a topic and write.  Submissions should be between 300 and 600 words, although exceptions can be made.  If you want to write something but are unsure of a topic, ask your mentor or the Vice President, Education for ideas.

We are also looking for volunteers to write a weekly blog post detailing the events at our weekly meetings.  We only ask for a three week commitment, although if there’s nothing stopping you from doing more.  This can also count towards a Competent Leader project!

Submissions may be edited for grammar and spelling.  Relevant images may also be added if none are provided with the submission.